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I have been a keen experimenter in sound for 35 years having received my first tape machine aged 12. This led to experiments in field and binaural recording and various forms of sound editing and synthesis. I has composed for various gallery installations and lectured on synthesis. These days I can be found coaxing noises from my modular synthesisers just because it's fun. When not in my studio I prefer to be outdoors. To keep fit I play Airsoft and I'm field archer.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Building the new BugBrand Modular Case - Part One

Well it's happened. Having outgrown my temporary Blue case I comissioned Ross Lamond at Lamond Design  to build be a new one. After many drawings I came up with the following template to be built in Ash.

The case would have four 16 frac wide boats fitted with an external 3.4A Power One supply.

Ross put together a mock up for me and here it is - very exciting times.

I have most of the components to complete the build so next installment soon.