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I have been a keen experimenter in sound for 35 years having received my first tape machine aged 12. This led to experiments in field and binaural recording and various forms of sound editing and synthesis. I has composed for various gallery installations and lectured on synthesis. These days I can be found coaxing noises from my modular synthesisers just because it's fun. When not in my studio I prefer to be outdoors. To keep fit I play Airsoft and I'm field archer.

Airsoft Stuff

Had a great time at Ai500. Pictures from the professional photographers are here:

Looking forward to Ai500 on 25th and 26th June

5th June 2011 - Hit Takers at an amazing site in Bexley, an old lab facility. Loads of great games, all single shot with an emphasis on pistols - Amazing

27th March 2011 - took part in my first Elite Hit Takers game and what a game. Sited at Copehill Down military training area on Salisbury Plain. FIBUA type games - amazing. Too busy playing to take pictures :o(

Played at Elite Action Games Epsom last Saturday and it was great. The site has had a fair amount work over the last six months with the addition of more partitions that break the game play up really well. It gives the place a whole new vibe.

Hoping to get get to Copehill Down on the 27th March for my first Hit-Takers game.