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I have been a keen experimenter in sound for 35 years having received my first tape machine aged 12. This led to experiments in field and binaural recording and various forms of sound editing and synthesis. I has composed for various gallery installations and lectured on synthesis. These days I can be found coaxing noises from my modular synthesisers just because it's fun. When not in my studio I prefer to be outdoors. To keep fit I play Airsoft and I'm field archer.

Friday, 23 November 2012

Been a long time....................

I have been so busy in the various facets of life I have forgotten to keep this Blog up to date and there is so much to tell.

Let's start with an update in the modular world

I have finally finished and populated the Euro system in to it's new home the Halliburton Case.

With a ton of help from Monobass over at with the rails and all the metal work, advice from Ross Lamond for sourcing the power supplies I finally got it running.

Took it and the BugBrand modular to Coventry for a meet up with fellow Wigglers and here they are:

I'll post more about the Coventry meeting later.

Looking at that picture reminds me that the aforementioned Ross is a wizard with wood and I have designed a new case for the BugBrand modular that Ross is building for me. The new case, which not only will it be sexy to look at but will also offer me a fourth row to house the few spare modules that can't fit in the existing case but also room for new  modules, with luck it'll be ready mid December.

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